January 24

You Get Out What You Put In


You Get Out What You Put In

leanne hurst faceplantYou Get Out What You Put In

This is something I have been saying a lot recently.

Unfortunately just turning up at the gym and going through the motions is unlikely to get you where you what to be.

Are you working hard enough when you are there? Most sessions last approximately an hour. Are you giving that hour everything you’ve got? Are you pushing yourself to try a heavier weight or are you plodding away comfortably using the same one week after week? Are you pushing to get those last reps out when your head is telling you that you can’t?

We all have days when we just aren’t “feeling it”, when we aren’t as strong as we think we should be but this shouldn’t stop is continuing to push hard 💪🏼

This photo 👆🏻 is how people will often see me in the gym, flat out having pushed myself as far as I can 😂

So next time you’re in the gym have a think about whether you’re really pushing yourself as much as you can…if you aren’t face planting the floor at least once in a session I would argue that you aren’t 😝

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