The C word

Too Early To Use The C word…?


Is it too early to start using the C word…probably but the John Lewis advert has now been released so in my eyes the festive period has started right?

Christmas is just over 6 weeks away…on the one hand it’s not that far but on the other it is.

The decorations, cards, presents and seasonal foods have been in the shops for a while now and this last couple of weeks has seen the introduction of the now famous Christmas coffee cups and festive drinks in all the popular coffee shops.

Now, I love Christmas as much as the next person, in fact probably more than most. For me Christmas is about spending time with family and friends and indulging in some nice food and drink. If I’m honest I enjoy the run up to it more than the day itself. However, “the run up” seems to be getting longer and longer each year and for me this is potentially where the problem lies.

I’m still on a strict comp prep at the moment with my final competition of the year just over a week away. My social media is full of Christmas coffee cups filled with delicious sounding hot chocolates and lattes and I keep thinking hmmmm not long and then I can join in with all this fun.

These drinks are delicious but they are also laden with calories. I think sometimes we forget about the calorie content of drinks because we don’t see them as food. In no way should these drinks be off limits. If you enjoy them then you should go ahead and have them BUT if you are working towards fat loss goals or body composition goals be mindful of the calorie content. For example, a medium black forest hot chocolate made with skimmed milk is 329 calories and with whole milk 409 calories. If you were to have a couple of these every week in the run up to Christmas (6 weeks) without really taking them into consideration this could have a massive impact on your progress. You then have to take into consideration all the mince pies and chocolates that will soon by flying around the office or on offer when you go and visit your grandma and before you know it you will be left wondering why you aren’t reaching your goals.

This got me thinking (dangerous I know)…I think I enjoy the thought of having one of these festive drinks more than actually having one and in reality when it comes down to it I think I just want the Christmas jumper cup and not what is actually inside it.

So off I went to the coffee shop and I felt just as festive with my regular Americano in a Christmas cup as I would have done with a calorie laden milky drink…plus I can fit a whole lot of food in for 400 calories…winner.

I definitely don’t want to be a scrooge but…
  • In the “run up” to Christmas try and be mindful of what you are eating and drinking;
  • Consider whether you actually want that latte or are you joining in because it’s the festive and sociable thing to do;
  • Consider the other tasty alternatives, I can recommend the Gingerbread Green Tea and the flavoured coffees such as Beanies and Littles;
  • Don’t use the festive period as an excuse to undo all your progress and hard work.

About the Author Leanne

1-2-1 Personal Trainer
Body Composition Consultant at Team JPhysique
2016 UKDFBA UK and International Figure Champion

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