Welcome on board!

Here's the next steps

Your results are incredibly important to me. We follow a quick and easy 3-step process to get the ball rolling.


To kick off the Inspire Transformation programme, you will be sent some comprehensive forms to complete.

You will tell me about your goals, commitments and lifestyle and I will use this to come up with your personalised battle plan.

It is important that you provide me with as much information as possible to allow me to provide you with the most personalised plans I can.


Following our set-up-call, I go away and create your personalised and bespoke 90-day battle plan.

You will be given your starting date and access to the community group and onboarding guides to give you a head start, before you even start!


It's game time.  With your battle plan ready, and a clear goal in sight, it's time to get started!

But this is where the Average To Inspired 90-Day Transformation Programme is different.  You're not just given a plan and sent on your way.  You're in direct contact with me, every single step of the way.

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I'm Lea.

For the past 6 years I have been working with women just like you.

Helping them achieve a body that they never dreamed was possible whilst still being an incredible partner, mum and friend and excelling at work.

Whilst all the ladies on the programme share the same core values, they are also very unique with different challenges and goals.

If it sounds like this is the programme is perfect for you, tap the button below and let's get started!